18/07/2014 - eCommerce integration with eBay, Amazon and price comparison sites

A key tool for the success of your e-Commerce website, it is getting an extension to the best-known online sales platforms such as Amazon and eBay, together with the principal price comparison sites websites.

 People buying on the internet usually visit these websites even before purchasing, using them as a real research tool for certain product categories and also to receive feedback and comments from other buyers.

Another very important aspect, especially because of the diffusion of tablets and mobile devices, is that marketplaces as Amazon and eBay, protect users' credit card information, allowing them to keep on buying  without  worries about placing data for payment.

To be present on these platforms, It means therefore, ensure  your  presence and visibility when users carry out research before purchasing, and to ensure that  your e-Commerce  can count on  a vast market and catchment area.

The greater visibility, is also increasing profitability, whereas Marketplaces offer the advantage of paying a commission to the marketplace only in case of sale, enabling you to sell without the financial risks or just to promote online unsold products of your store.

Many e-commerce websites do not provide integration with these platforms, which still need attention in the management of sales, shipments, claims, etc., according to the policy of platforms themselves. To exploit the full potential of both main Marketplaces and price comparators websites, Intempra proposes a specially designed integration, allowing you to extend the functionality of e-commerce to vendors' platforms, obtaining a convenient synchronization.

In detail: the software solution ensures the synchronization between the product catalogue on the e-commerce website, or between a selection of its products, and the catalogue available on the Marketplace (such as Amazon or eBay). This solution also allows you to automatically get new customers' personal data and placed orders.

In this way the entire sales management happens through e-Commerce website, without manual  transcriptions of data and invoices, as well as payments and the results of transactions are controlled by the management panel of e-Commerce website.

In this way the entire sales management process happens through the e-Commerce site,  without double transcriptions of data and invoices. Payments and results of transactions are controlled by the management panel of e-Commerce website as well .

All this allows the optimization of management times, as all transactions are made through a single panel that allows  to automatically send offers and adverts from the e-Commerce site to Amazon and eBay, and acquire orders from the two platforms together with those of own website. A solution which completes the online sales tools and support your business to manage quickly and easily multiple channels.