About us

Intempra means innovation technologies for enterprises.

Intempra was founded in 2011 with the aim to realize in advance in the market, innovative internet solutions dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises.

With an investment of 437,000 euros over 3 years, Intempra is the first company admitted by the Apulia Region to enjoy the incentives for innovative small businesses, to finance the development of Semantic Web applications designed to increase the competitiveness of SMEs.

Boasting a staff of specialists in the field of ICT, Marketing and Sales, Intempra based in Bari dealing with both Research & Development and application of innovative software and sales of web solutions for specific sectors of production, distribution and sales.

Intempra is a valid partner for the development and commercialization of innovative web solutions based on semantic web and related services.

Services at Intempra are therefore thought for small, medium and individual companies, in order to support and provide design, implementation and management of programs and projects of research and development in technological innovation.

Intempra was born from the experience and ideas of 2 brothers: Paolo and Luigi Barracano. They have been operating in the ICT industry since 1999. Expertise in web and its applications, the first deals specifically with marketing and business development, according to the analysis and design of software. For more details on the profiles we invite you to read the individual presentations of the management.

The professionalism of Intempra comes from the knowledge of the ICT market, characterized by a continuous evolution of technology, but also of solutions and services to the market. The analysis of industry trends and indications clearly show that in the context of the services and solutions based on the Internet is the gate of a deep change.

Social networking and the adoption of semantic technologies progressively and radically transform the use of Internet. It is a transformation already underway for home users, which will result in great changes for businesses because of the evolution in the use of the network by users.

Intempra, protagonist of this process, aims to anticipate market trends of Web-based applications and, in particular, wishes to develop semantic web technologies that will revolutionize the way that people will  interact with computer.

In order to reach these goals, Intempra employs a team of expert specialized in the development of new applications, along with the advice and collaboration from Universities and Research Centers, experts of semantic technologies.

Skills, professionalism, goals, team working, together with 10 years of experience in counseling and development of web solutions for SMEs, allows to Intempra to plan and implement the most ambitious and innovative IT solutions, with the goal of providing a high added value (sales, profitability, performance) to his own customers.